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Is social media page management taking up too much time? Or are you just not social because you’re not sure how to make money out of it? Don’t worry the team at Express can take care of it for you. We have affordable monthly plans were you can sit back and watch your Social media outlets grow while adding to your bottom line.

Express Social Media is devoted to giving the edge to Small Business. Through the latest social media technology, innovative products and expert advice we can help any company grow and prosper, compete on an international or local stage and engage their customers 24/7. Through application to the latest concepts in Facebook monetization Express Social Media creates the digital vehicle needed to drive company’s Facebook presence and profitability.

Express packages are the most affordable in the market! No full time staff, overheads or extra expenses.

Express social media has packaged from as little as $25 per week and upwards. Decide on your budget, but it’s flexible, if you want to build your company’s Facebook empire, you can always invest more in a higher end package.

This is a booming industry, the time to start is now!

Have your Social Media Managed by Express Social Media
Brands need to be present wherever audiences invest their time and attention. Increasingly, that means social media. Australian audiences spend a half-hour to three hours daily on social media. Social media is one of the largest time buckets on mobile. But where should brands invest limited budgets?
We understand that is often difficult for a business to decide which marketing channel to allocate resources to when there are so many options. Hence the question of should your business invest in social media. Fortunately many businesses have paved the way, such as the Fortune 500 companies. They have invested millions of dollars into determining whether social media is a channel in which they should dedicate their resources. As a result, 77%* have decided to invest in social media, 70%* specifically in Facebook.

Some of the reasons include the fact that social media:
•Improves SEO results
•Drives targeted traffic to your website
•Increases your brand awareness
•Adds an additional channel to your marketing mix
•Communicates in real-time with your customers
•Provides “Social Proof” that people use your products and services
•Gains consumer insights on your products and services
•Reach consumers on their mobiles

Brands and businesses that are invisible on social media will miss a chance at engagement that their competitors might seize. More importantly, there are already well-known cases of brands that successfully
revitalized their images or launched themselves thanks to social media wins. The benefits to a successful social media brand presence are significant, even if the route to get there isn’t clear-cut.
The first step is choosing the right platforms to invest time and resources in. Which platforms to be on is a crucial question, even for the most deep-pocketed brands.
Syncapse, a social intelligence company, conducted a study with more than 2,000 Facebook users who liked a brand and considered a Facebook user’s product spending, loyalty, recommendations, brand affinity and more to come up with the number. It turns out Facebook fans spend more money on the brands they like—$116 a year more than nonfans—even if their income was equal. In addition, those who liked brands were 18% more satisfied with the brand and 11% more likely to continue buying the brand. I guess all those little percentages add up to $$$ for the brand.

Ecwid, an e-shopping cart provider and the self-proclaimed “second largest store-building application on Facebook,” found that its e-commerce storefronts on Facebook generate 21 cents per like. For the top 10 per cent of stores by sales volume, the value of a “Like” increased to $1.20 a pop, soaring to $21.49 in the top one per cent of stores

Eventbrite analysed its ticket sales traffic and found a like drives on average $1.34 in ticket sales.
A study by Syncapse, an enterprise social media marketing management company, quantified fans’ and nonfans’ product spending, loyalty to a company, propensity to recommend a company, brand affinity, media value, and acquisition cost, according to eContentmag. On average, a Facebook fan is worth $136.38 more than a customer who is a nonfan.
Social Media is playing an increasingly more relevant role in the marketing mix for every business. 52% of Australian have an active Facebook account and most people are using it more than 5 times per day – making Facebook one of the world’s most powerful marketing channel, that no business (large or small) can afford to miss out on.
•Increasing sales, both online and offline
•Minimising the input of time, effort and expertise required on the client’s side
•Providing peace of mind that your business’s social media is professionally managed

% of Australian’s with Facebook – Source 1: Yellow Social Media Report, Sensis (May 2013)