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Social Media Plympton Park

Hi! Tony and Donna here from Express Social Media Plympton Park, Glenelg + Fulham Gardens. Our business is helping your business, building your client base and connecting with your audience. Word of mouth is the BEST way to promote and today ‘word of mouth is online/Social Media’. The quickest and best way to raise your awareness is using social media, as your number one marketing tool. Our customer focussed background places your client relations at top priority.
Express Social Media Plympton Park offers prompt and reliable communication to assist you. We keep regular contact with our clients. We have had our own business and understand the importance of communication and raising brand awareness. We understand that social media marketing should be building your brand, with our constant supervision.


Express Social Media Plympton Park offers you:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube
  • Promotion of your business
  • Expand your clientele
  • Build your business
  • QR code creation
  • tony-charReach more people
  • Get ‘linked’
  • Advertising
  • Campaigning
  • Building online shops
  • Targeted marketing


Express Social Media Plympton Park is available to service Fulham Gardens, Henley Beach South, Henley Beach, Lockleys, Flinders Park, Grange, Brooklyn Park, West Beach, Kidman Park, Camden Park, North Plympton, Fulham Gardens, Netley, West Richmond, Kirkcaldy, Glenelg, Geleng East, Glenelg North, Glenelg South, Glengowrie, Glenelg Jetty Road, Somerton Park, South Plympton, Morphettville, Plympton Park, Park Holme and Novar Gardens.


Tony grew up in the local area and has had a long term connection to local clients. Tony’s family is based locally and knows your area. Tony has previously run his own business in the local area and has a 16 year history in client service relations. He understands what is needed to build, promote and maintain contact with customers and clients. Donna has been workitony-donna-sitesng in the IT industry for 12 years and is university educated in this field. Donna understands how to get the most out of computing to build and promote your business.