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I am your Social Media marketing expert. Through a Social Media marketing strategy, which is optimised to provide your business all the opportunities available through social media, you can expect the following services to be provided:

  • Targeted ad creation can be geo-focused and demographically targeted
  • A fully managed and optimised facebook system
  • Custom videos can be published for customers to view
  • QR Codes can be utilised to enable things like a coffe loyalty system
  • We provide your business with a Social Media Policy which can be signed by your staff
  • An email or SMS marketing campaign
  • iPad Kiosks
  • Facebook stores

Why is social media so important as a marketing strategy – here are some interesting facts:

  • 96% of people under 30 have joined a social network
  • Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the USA
  • Years to reach 50 million users
    Radio 38 years
    TV 13 years
    Internet 4 years
    iPod 3 years
    Facebook had 200 million users in less than 1 years

If Facebook were a country:

  • China
  • India
  • Facebook
  • USA
  • Indonesia
  • Brazil
  • Pakistan

At Express Social Media, we have a number of different Social Media systems to choose from, so call today to book a job or for an obligation free quote onĀ 1300EXPRESS